The Awakening

I have been reviewing music I have written over the past four decades.

I recently released a piece of music called 220/2 Hz transformation which you can buy from my LULU store here

I am pleasantly surprised at how successfully it is selling. I wrote the piece c.1983/84 and though I re-recorded it recently, the song remains the same.

I am therefore compelled to add fuel to the fire so to speak, with another piece of music I have always considered really important in my evolution as a musician.

This piece of music changed everything.

It marked a departure (for me) from song based programming, to programmed loops and patterns and switching and manipulating the machines in real time.

I can never recreate this piece of music. Beyond the mechanics of performance, it has an emotion, captured in time forever.

In a sense, it is live. A human being furiously spinning knobs on primitive analogue machines.

And from that whole fashionable scene, the first realisation (for me) that I was in some way different.

My friends buzzing with kinaesthetic energy, while I…

Pondered why I didn’t really have a full range of definable emotions.

The story goes…

In 1988, my friend D handed me a pill and said “We are going to a night club to find out about acid house”

We weren’t on the guest list, our free entry had something to do with ticket stubs or a drug deal.
We arrived outside TRIP at the London Astoria and there was a massive swirling crowd of people trying to get in.
Around fifteen of us linked arms and snaked our way through the crowd, where a grinning bouncer just opened a door and let us in.
It was really surreal.

For a while I walked around the club listening.
My girlfriend J shouted “Did you take something”
“Yeah” I replied “I don’t feel very well, do you feel hot?”
“Not really” she replied, then as my legs buckled from under me, I sat for twenty minutes or so feeling sick and weird.

Just as suddenly I was in a space of total clarity. I was enlightened!
“This is f*cking brilliant” I screamed and started to dance.
J was bewildered.

A few days later, I wrote this…
The drum machine used on this track was later made famous by my brother Adamski.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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  1. Can you post these songs in a higher quality format like ALAC (Apple Lossless) or 320kb/s AAC?

    The Dandy Warhols are selling their new album in ALAC, and it’s awesome.

    Happy to pay the asking price, just not for MP3 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


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