Money has always been a problem for me.

I love problems.

It gives me something to solve.

It is my edge, where I excel and get to be profound.

If you have a problem, ask a genius to solve it.

And today I get to be a genius around money.

My money.

This blog isn’t my usual helpful prose. No clever advice. It is a personal declaration.

I am done with tackling my own money problem. There is nothing to solve. It can look after itself.

What I love about my attitude to money is “I really don’t care”.

Rich or poor, you can be my friend.

When I try to deviate to fit in, it goes wrong.

Money is irrelevant.

It will come as it comes and it needs no energy wasted on it.

If I am driven by solving a problem about money (because I spent my taxes on a huge motorcycle) then I am driven by the wrong thing.

What is important to me?

There is an important message in my book!

Read it!!!

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

You know who I am…