What Makes Twitter Work?


It is not really social networking in the same sense as FaceBook is it?

And I have an opinion about why Twitter works.

As a long term Internet user (since CIX back in 1990) I am going to make a simple observation about a few trends.

I have used AOL and MSN style messengers to communicate with my friends and acquaintances for a long time.

I also use SMS to communicate on my phone, where speaking might not be appropriate.

It has become second nature to send and recieve messages in both the above ways.

Twitter follows a similar format to SMS.

As most of my messenger based friends are on Twitter, I DM them instead of using messenger.

Half the time I forget and simply bang out an @ message.

And there in lies the rub.

It is easy to forget, Twitter is not a private messenger or SMS service.

It is easy to slip and divulge personal details about my life, once out there, I can be amused by my own candidity, or shamefully embarrassed.

If I choose to be amused, my ego tends to want to follow the same path to more amusement.

Tee hee, I just stuck my willy in the toaster!

In the not so distant past Jonathan Ross was having private conversations with his lovely wife Jane, which were fascinating to follow.


Because human beings, including me, by nature are intrinsically nosey.

Our curiosity drives us to follow people, just to find out what they are up to.

What makes them tick?

The simple truth!

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

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