Micro Expression Caption Competition


I recently signed up to John Assaraf’s newsletter, after buying his excellent book, The Answer.

I particularly like Law Of Attraction material with a tangeable scientific base and John certainly knows his subject.

On his FaceBook feed John introduced us to his colleague Mike Koenigs, co-founder of TrafficGeyser.

While I find it hard to read facial expressions in a social setting, I like to freeze frame the videos of people who are selling to me from time to time and study their faces.

I am a great believer in micro-expressions. Micro-expressions give away what a person is really like / thinking.

Try it on Joe Vitale for example.

Run one of his sales videos for a bit, then randomly pause it and see what you get. In an all digital world, it is very easy to do. And in the split second of a frozen frame a person will often reveal to you what they are thinking in a micro-expression.

What do YOU get from Joe Vitale?

As a disclaimer, remember depending on who trained them, a GOOD presenter is often taught to present to a single person they hold in their imagination, so what you get, may not be aimed at you personally!

Another author from The Secret, has a micro expression that involves sticking out his tongue in a yah boo sucks “that showed you” manner.

Maybe the person is driven to prove to someone from their past they could make it. Hopefully it is not aimed at us…

Onto the competition.

I was watching the Mike Koenigs video presentation, when my son interrupted me for a glass of milk.

So what do you think he is trying to say!

Caption Competition

Comment below…

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  1. “This big pile of crap!”

    Actually, I can’t really tell, I can’t concentrate long enough with all those white moving dots!


  2. wtf is that ad over there? ———>

    “The Secret Formula to Achieve Abundance and Prosperity in your life?”

    Are you a Jehovah’s Witnesses or somtink?

    Are you going NAS Cambridge Launch? Heard you might speak. Think I might come along and heckle. I resigned from the Board in disgust.

    Make sure you take your Light Sabre and Airfix Death Star model you made. And don’t get Upperty. They don’t like that.

    Don’t mention Tenders, Jobs For the Boys, Bullying, and definitely don’t mention Dr Staffenburg. No, definitely don’t mention him. Not in Cambridge. At an NAS meeting.

    Especially if there’s journalist around, like Jack Grove from the Evening News. No, just do the Shiny, Happy Aspie thang – Get the funds and split and run.

    May the Force Be With You.


  3. “And then she said ‘I’m not interested in how many video cameras you’ve got, I just need a good shag'”

    “But of course, in the 70’s you needed a penis this bi… ah, you needed a lens this big to get a shot like that””

    “Om Mani Padme Hum…Om Mani Padme Hum…Om Mani Padme Hum…”


  4. To me that micro-expression seems to be saying ‘Jeez, why am I doing this?’ Or it could be as he’s reached the end of one stream of thought and his mind is downloading the next?


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