Psychic Explained

I am lying in bed half awake and a voice in my head (my voice) says “sounds like an alarm going off”.

The sentence ends and a car alarm starts up!

So what happened here?

You may or may not know that between the sleeping and waking state, we are considered by psychics to be most tuned in.

You may or may not also know that dream scientists have discovered the memory of dreams runs backwards then is rearranged by the mind to form a story.

What is likely to have just happened is, my memory recall was not on a linear timeline.

So it appeared to me that I predicted the alarm sound when in fact I remembered it.

Now consider dyslexia.

If some psychics are dyslexics running a jumbled time line could that grab you as an explanation?

Explanations as you grab a time line running jumbled dyslexics who think they are psychic!

That’s not how remembered I it…

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty-wharton



  1. ps. I could’ve sworn I won the book prize. I’m prepared to accept a cash alternative. Or a link and a few clicks. I’m trying to hit targets for the advertising buck. I’d even prepared to engage in a little link love (if you get permission from you wife first).


  2. “If some psychics are dyslexics running a jumbled time line could that grab you as an explanation?”

    Looks like that gets you in TWTWTWIA iv on Saturday…

    I had the being chased by dogs and falling off Beachy Head dream (I was at school on the South Downs) – and with youthful hubris as I was plummeting to the rocks below, I began to think the thought, ” ‘s not a problem. Just a dream” but before I had finished, WHAAAM! I hit the ground – waking to find an Anglepoise lamp had fallen 4 feet onto my head.


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