Perceptive Shift

I have had a very interesting shift in the way I perceive things today.

I have a friend who is blind, who is interested in recording very accurate soundscapes.

We had a long discussion about binaural microphones, headphones and so on and he made me aware of some interesting points.

Then he played me a recording he made in a clothes shop.

What is interesting about the recording is, it is an almost perfect test of the accuracy of his binaural microphones.

The clothes mask reverberation to an extent, while the hangers being moved on the rails provide a real sense of the physical space.

I closed my eyes to listen.

At the end I said “I am sure I felt someone walk across in front of me near the end”.

I also noticed he had achieved something I almost never do, which is, he kept his head absolutely still for the whole recording.

My ‘problem’ is, things in my visual field distract me and I turn my head to look at them and ruin my recordings.

What was eerie was, I could ‘feel’ the people around me.

Yet where in my body did I feel them?

I uncovered something.

When I say “I feel something” it usually means there is something I have heard.

And I started to realise where else I do this.

Audio is integral to my functioning on this planet and my heightened awareness of it in a way constitutes my apparent sixth sense.

But it goes way deeper with me.

I feel it.

I choose sounds and mix records based on how they make me feel.

An element of synaesthasia perhaps?

Cross wiring of the senses.

Unless I deliberately ‘put’ my awareness on kinaesthetic I am not sure it shows up for me.

It is transparent in its total abscence.

So ‘I feel’ my environment with my ears?

I will have to work on this further it seems…

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty-wharton


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