Working On My Tai Chi

I decided to find a place to practice my Tai Chi this morning and play a game with it.

If you have been with me for a while, you will know one of my teachers is NLP guru Mr Twenty Twenty.

Twenty is remarkable in that he has been to the other side of death and come back.

I decided to play Tai Chi from different spaces and states this morning.

At first I was very internal auditory and very spaced out spiritually. Like outside my body, or at the very least not in touch with my kinaesthetic system.

I noticed I was creating anxiety, stress and worry. There was nothing expansive about the experience.

I tried a few other combinations, then I decided to experience Tai Chi the way a human being is designed.

I focused auditory externally and entered a state where my mind seemed to stop. A listening. An analogy might be that it was like being a Bhudda on a mountain top. Spiritual peace, silence.

I focused kinaesthetic internally and noticed my body and how it felt. I had a real sense of me, in the cold, in the woods, being me in the silence of the sounds around me.

I watched the Universe around me. The trees, the leaves, I could almost see the air moving. As I used my eyes properly things got brighter, more vivid.

Then I played a new game. A game called expansion. I imagined the silence in my head as an infinite being.

I wondered at my ability to push the boundaries of this infinite being outside of me.

Having expanded my spirit to the edge of my reach I realised I had created a zone. A clearing in the woods. A clearing in the Universe that is me.

Then I created a new story.

Right now I am in someone else’s space. And that person is standing in that space for my life.

Their space is so huge they create new paradigms for people to live into. And they get they are just another person!

And I can do that too.

I can be anything I want to be.

I can be as mango is to onion (sweetness is to tears). I can be the gold at the end of the rainbow. I can be the lightning in the night sky. I can be Aladdin in the hall of kings. I can be truly magical.

Kind of an amazing story to create from a Chinese walk in the woods.

Something to be alive for…

And maybe, just maybe, there is nowhere to get to. This rabbit hole is just another story. Another round on the golf course. A stance. A posture. A way of being.

But for that you’ll need to talk with my other friend in dharmaville, TP.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty wharton


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  1. Morning Mark,

    Nice. Where did the thoughts to do this originate? I notice that you obsered the thoughts, the thinking perhaps too.

    If you are / were the observer, where / who / what was the source of the thoughts? Where did the thinking take place?

    I love your observations.

    And this kind of play.

    More peace, in the world, and in you today.

    Your friend,

    Mr Twenty Twenty

    Join us in Dharmaville!


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