Law Of Attraction

In Law Of Attraction, we created a rule for the Universe with two meanings.

An idea which can be empowering or destructive, depending on how you perceive and apply it.

One occurs as the final desperate act of a dying animal. The expectation that magic should be present, because the proponent of the law projects need into the future, as a solution for something seen as broken in life.

The other occurs like magic. When one is free of desire one automatically becomes an instrument of the Universe.

It becomes possible to take actions consistent with a future that truly leaves you satisfied.

And therein lies the paradox.

How is it possible to attain ones goals without striving to achieve them?

The key is in stepping up to a new level of responsibilty. A place where one chooses which thoughts are thoughts and which thoughts will dictate reality.

The proof lies in our noticing. What we see is what we get. Getting what we see is a bigger matter.

Did John manifest a new car, or did he just buy one? Did Lucy manifest a large sum of money, or did she just retire early and ask for a payoff?

The mind will always get proof of something without a predefined specific measurable result.

It is like a parlour psychic corroborating petty predictions to appease a difficult child.

So how does one perform the real magic?

By loving your life as it is now.

When you are truly satisfied with this moment and it occurs to you like “nothing wrong here” you have the key to the Universe. Anything is possible.

This is true enlightenment. True perfection. The ultimate expression of reality.

And from reality you can create anything you can think of.

Seek not material wealth as an end on to a journey. The journey is always complete.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty wharton


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  1. Thank you Mark! This is a gem to keep in our awareness 24/7 – “So how does one perform the real magic? By loving your life as it is now.”

    We can read all the books, follow all the gurus, spend our whole life seeking and suffering or right now heed that truth you stated so clearly. By doing so we are open and available for ultimate inspiration and guidance and power.



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