Werner Erhard Blew My Mind

In a recent phone call I explained “before I did the Landmark Forum my thoughts occurred like I was walking down Oxford Street with a crowd bustling around me.

Now I have done the Landmark Forum I have an experience of thoughts occurring as if in a vast cavernous library”.

It is silent in my head right now.

From time to time I have a thought and it’s like “whoa, who was that?” or just “shhhhhhhhhhhh, you’re spoiling the silence”.

It’s so much fun in my head right now, in sharp contrast to the racing negative thoughts that were dominating my life just weeks ago.

If you attend an introduction evening for the Landmark Forum, you will learn an exercise. The seminar leader will draw a big pie on a whiteboard and divide it up. He talks about “What you don’t know, you don’t know”.

If I turn that on its head for a moment, I have learned I didn’t know that I didn’t know what other people are thinking.

I would have opinions about why other people did stuff. A whole managery of information about reasons for this and that buzzing in my head. Reasons for reasons for reasons.

Having realised it serves no purpose whatever to do it, my brain just switched the function off. Gone!

The result, almost total silence.

I guess in the seventies, the East would have sold this “state” or “space” to LSD culture as enlightenment.

In 2010 Landmark’s upsell of Werner Erhard’s original EST delivers something else.

If Bhudda were alive today 🙂

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty wharton


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