The Ogre

It’s A Wonderful Life is now considered the most inspirational American movie of all time, yet when it was released it was considered a box office flop.

It took around forty years for people to really “get it”.

As Christmas rolls around the globe, I want you to consider an opportunity.

The opportunity for each and every person on the planet to have an enlightenment experience.

The kind of experience people trek thousands of miles to Tibet for. The moment an experienced yogi would cite as profound. An awakening. And all available from a single weekend experience.

And a prediction…

Sooner or later, what I am about to tell you will be considered the most inspirational material of all time.

In 1971 a man named Werner Erhard created a seminar based large group awareness training called EST.

What you may not be aware of some thirty eight years later, the experience is still available in a similar training offered by Landmark Education.

The impact of the lives of the people who participate is profound.

Having recently reviewed the course, I now realise the huge positive impact originally participating in 1999 had on my life.

Apart from being born, 4:52pm on day three of the Landmark Forum is ongoingly the most important moment in my life.

I have access to living a life I love. And I love my life because I love my life.

My own book is based on principles I learned indirectly from Werner Erhard.

More interesting, my entire life is influenced by him and so is yours.

As the originator of the conversation about transformation and making a difference, almost everything these days hinges on these premises.

Virtually every conversation inside personal development and self-realisation lives in the idea we are perfect the way we are, when we remove our issues.

The way we are, AND the way we are not…

But how do we remove issues which would take a life time to evolve beyond?

Simply by removing our sense of self. The Ogre. Like Yoga. There be monsters between you and God!

So here is a Christmas gift to you. Let me take you in a direction by inviting you into a conversation.

For the twelve days of Christmas, I am giving away a free eBook download of my book The Logic Of Attraction (normally £9).

You can download it here:

The password is: XMASFREE

And to accompany the book I am giving away an audio meditation, recorded by the fabulous Rich Hilton, which compliments an exercise in consciousness in the book.

All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter to receive it.

If you like what you get, comment below.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty wharton

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  1. Your snow plug in uses 68% of the processing power of my 64-bit Dual Processor Opteron Box..

    That’s circa 248 times the processing power of the computers on the Apollo 11 flight.


  2. Mark I enjoyed reading Logic Of Attraction because it made me realize things I already know and am now excited to begin reading the Book of EST when it arrives through the post. I also listened to a Sonic State Podcast where you were guesting direct from your iphone in your bath! Best wishes to everyone reading.
    Hope to share conversation again.


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