the logic of attraction

A year or so after publication I am interested to see what I think and feel about my book and any subsequent book I may write.

The book, The Logic Of Attraction is a pointer in a direction. And really is a much deeper spiritual teaching than the simpler message the cover conveys. It is not the complete journey perhaps, but at least it is the taxi ride to the airport? Step in…

Everything I wrote in this book was valid (for me) when I wrote it and will be equally valid for you if you are travelling in the same spiritual direction I am, yet incomplete on that voyage.

I have no desire to be a guru. I am done with that. Enlightenment was the booby prize. Beyond enlightenment there is something else. The something else is simply a place to stand which neither validates nor invalidates enlightement, yet allows enlightenment to show up for you, like an occurance if you choose to be enlightened.

Enlightened is an interesting paradox in language. I am not saying I am or I am not enlightened. I am saying I can choose enlightenment and I personally think being enlightened about enlightenment is a good place to start out from, I don’t see it as a goal.

I choose something more ordinary than enlightenment and the place I choose to stand in is nothing. From the space of nothing (for me) true magic shows up.

If I define self as nothing, I can be, do, or have anything as a possibility.

If you read my book you’ll come part of the way.

If you want the rest of the puzzle revealed, then I am itching to reveal my next book!

Though, perhaps there really is nothing to convey,

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty wharton

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