More About Enlightenment

I am on a path of discovery and as I start to write my book on enlightenment, I realise as a race of beings, we have an agreement with our gurus which totally negates our experience.

We also negate the gurus experience (for them).

Enlightenment, as far as I can tell, only exists in agreement, or language.

Agreements about reality, the way things are – languaging experience, negates experience.

Each judgement or comparison, every assessment, each lesson about what enlightenment is and what it is not takes the seeker further from the truth.

So can I teach you the truth?

What stands between me, you and the truth is language.

For me to express my experience, I need to language it while being an example of that which I wish to express.

My “style” of communication is “I am brilliant and I am going to prove it to you”. And “question me and I will defend my position”.

My commitment is to give up this way of being with you.

The knowledge I wish to impart to you is, you have already had an experience that humans have an agreement in language for called enlightenment.

Listening to the directions of spiritual teachers won’t help you, or them.

Don’t listen to me either. My expression of enlightenment will negate your experience of it such that you could follow me forever trying to find an answer.

The only thing between me and your wallet is my integrity.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Mark Ty-Wharton

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