Shock News: Culture Killer Gets Time!

This week I am fascinated with our cultures propesnity to negate itself.

What shocks me even more is the massive amount of time we waste doing it.

I am saying we, because I am covering my ass. I am probably not even aware of how often I make negative remarks about something someone else is doing.

What if, instead of using energy letting the world know what we don’t like, we all applied our energy to what we were inspired by?

And no energy to things that do not inspire us?

What would that look like?

How would you feel?

You hear where this is going right?

There are certain people on this planet who really drive me nuts.

They do things I simply don’t agree with. They are immoral.

In the past, I have commented, ranted, tried to set them straight, pointed out they are missing something on their journey.

What if I am wrong? What if everything they are doing in life is actually of benefit to them and the communities they support?

What if the immorality of it is in my experience?

So here is an invitation. Especially for the online community.

Vote with a click?

Negative publicity is publicity and negative energy is still energy given.

So don’t give out energy to anything that doesn’t serve you.

Simply stop giving your energy to anything you don’t agree with, even if only for one day.

Instead use the same energy to support something you do agree with.

If you usually spend hours researching the wrong doing of a person or organisation, STOP DOING IT.

Find an organisation or person you like, give them some energy.

Buy something with your time. For today, feel good about life.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

mark ty wharton
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