Amazing Grace

If you are anything like me, you complain about some of the things in your life, except, what made you the judge and jury?

We live life like it is truly awful, when others would give their right arm to take our place. It sometimes seems the more we have the less respect we have for what we’ve got.

What if our judgements are made out of a different context? What if we could put ourselves in the shoes of someone who would be grateful. Not because someone told you it is a route to getting more. Do it for no other reason than to enjoy the sense of satisfaction.

Starting from today, I invite you to join me in looking at all of life as a gift to you. Everything an achievement. Congratulate yourself for eating, sleeping and having a heartbeat.

Well done, you’re awesome!

Sit back, put on the rose tinted spectacles and join me in a week of contentment. Life is amazing.

Every breath has a truly magical quality. Air is the gift of life. Enjoy the scent of the season. Foul or sweet, the breath you take now will sustain you for the next few minutes. Isn’t that incredible?

Play this game of wonder with me and revel in all that is here.

There is nothing to get, nowhere to go, no-one to please. Do this because you can. Do this because you never allow yourself to. Do this because it is available to you, right now.

Make yourself special, today.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Mark Ty-Wharton

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  1. Amazing Grace came at a time when I needed it most… Last Friday, I got news from my doctor that I had genital herpes, much to my surprise. After a weekend of crying and doing what had to be done in notifying my partners, I took your advice and mad myself special, celebrating all that was good that is normally taken for granted. That helped me thru the period of acceptance better and now begins the period of adjustment. Thank you for your words…


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