missing the point a comma misconception

as someone diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum I know and accept I am on the autistic spectrum

I give up trying to get rid of the feelings and thoughts that go hand in hand with the condition

to function in life one of the things I give up is surviving the aspects of autism that cause me problems

for me anxiety and misunderstandings in social interactions are two such aspects

there may be aspects of my condition that cause you a problem to

a big part of the concern about myself is I tend to be less focused on those

I am not saying I give up anxiety or concern

I am saying giving up surviving anxiety or concern gives me access to life

if you are autistic like me one of the things that is true about you is that you are autistic

and when you finally get you are autistic accepting it gives you some small chance of being able to behave like a person who is not autistic

you will probably never stop being autistic

and people without sight or hearing or legs get along in life

and provided they do not struggle to see things or listen or walk

they can have as much fun and get as much out of life as anyone else

what we need to be willing to do is get that this is how we are

see you on the other side of the looking glass

mark ty wharton

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