awaken from the dream

there is a seemless transition into existence that happens for a person somewhere between sleep and waking

there are several layers of consciousness which need to be in place for the reality of me to be misunderstood

there was an arising of consciousness this morning such that I thought I was wide awake then realised I was still in a dream

it was as if the subconscious mind was self aware and reffered to itself as I

then there was the realisation that the me was still asleep still in a dream

it had something to do with sound and the pitch we hear things at when we are sleeping the ears are open yet we hear no sound

the subconscious mind pretending to be me slipped into the background and took its place in the argument of consciousness

I awoke but awakening didn’t happen in a sense today I know I am still in a dream

see you on the other side of the looking glass

mark ty wharton

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  1. So – we can awake in the morning then. Not within but from the sleep state transition
    and so logically we can maneouve 1) awake from ‘the dream of reality’ or 2) resist the sensory recognition of ‘reality’ and take the route into the nothingness where we reside in sleep


  2. I like the thought that I could just be in a dream. I have had the feeling that I am in dream and this is not reality! Though I really do hope that the strange things that have been happening in my sleeping dreams don’t start happening, cos I really don’t want to find a fish under the floor boards!


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