autism happening autistic me

pretty simple question

if like me you have an aspergers diagnosis

and if you recognise the validity of nondualistic teachings such that there is no real you

who has aspergers?

see you on the other side of the looking glass

mark ty wharton

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  1. What about this?
    ‘Aspergers’ is a phenomenon of the universe – of conciousness/being
    It’s a word or label or concept or idea even – to group humans that share a set of characteristics and so they are grouped – why Mark?
    Science – the quark gives humans an agreement that everything is and everything isn’t.
    What we label as Aspergers – the aspie human experiences the properties of the universe arise out of nothing/the source/being as a functionality of your brain (in this lifetime) – you are a unique experiencer
    I find the right/left brain notion interesting.
    I think Highly Functional Autistic Genius’ like you have such a gifted Left side which in a sense pulls you back and forth from seeing oneness
    Right – oneness infinite energy being – all one
    Left – analytical language computer

    Jill Bolte Taylor! : – )

    What we see as Tony P is a subdued Left brain – it can only help the Right brain/oneness to reveal itself absolutely by talking with Tony P but for some humans because of their intellectual systeming it might take some time. It feels obvious to me that his interests are limited and is fine with just being. I might call him but I don’t feel a strong desire to.
    Another thing i’d like to say did you/do you notice when you ask questions Mark that people turned their heads – I saw that as irritableness – which is a longing for knowing the truth – you probably didn’t pick up on that because your energy was concerned with your speaking and looking at Tony but your energy whilst addressing the room was ‘this guy has something to say’ and I felt privileged to be there : – )


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