autism hub

Perhaps I am being over simplistic here?

Perhaps I have missed the point?

A person decideds to syndicate blog feeds and calls it the autism hub which represents the view points of people with autism.

Then another person (who doesn’t have autism) tries to make the whole thing conform to their point of view and attempts to moderate it.

Then they get fed up and throw a tantrum and shut it down. Nobody can say anything now because the people with autism weren’t conforming.

Neuro-diversity is fine as long as it looks neuro-typical right?

Surely we should celebrate the seeming eccentricity of some of the more creative autistic bloggers?

Surely neuro-typical people with even the vaguest understanding of neuro-diversity can be tolerant of autistic communication styles?

In my opinion, if they can’t, they should have no say in it. If the pretence is “we would love autism to have a voice” and it hides “as long as you say things we want to hear” then go and be a do gooder somewhere else.

In my experience people with autism respect people who are totally authentic and genuine. If autistic people can’t communicate the way they choose to on a blog hub that proports to celebrate their communication styles, where can they do it?

Mark Ty-Wharton

See you on the other side of the looking glass.

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  1. Mark,

    We could join forces with an Autistic Blog Hub.

    I’d like to output some creativity in Autism since I have autistic traits but no diagnosis so far. I’d like to set up a donation model attached to this hub community. Not only do I want to share my creative art but long for a home to shelter my numerous musical projects of cheery plasticine
    : – ) instead of following society’s routes of independent and commercial artist ‘being someone’ness.

    I believe there are others like me needing an outlet to share their creativity without having pressure of an approach and negotiation of the artist in a vulnerable world.

    A kind of revolution of neuro-diverse bedroom music and poetry : – )

    Love energy


  2. Would you have a white person running the NAACP?

    Before any outsiders join a movement they should always read “How To Be an Ally”


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