The Dark End Of The Stick

Many years ago when I was married, my mother in law had this old bomb of a Ford she used to dutifully care for on my driveway.

I didn’t and couldn’t get it.

Be warned!

Washing cars isn’t my bag and should you ever have the misfortune to be a passenger in one of my vehicles you will be picking crisps out of your best suit for months.

Once in a while I will take my car to a local valet.

And despite driving a newer and better condition car than my afore mentioned prior relation, there is something missing when I get it back. And it’s not the sweet wrappers.

You see, she loved that car.

When she cleaned it, there was a halo of care around it that shone. I don’t think it was the car itself, just something about her ownership of the space the car occupied that reflected her way of being.

Beingness works for food too.

Consider for a moment the best bacon sandwich you ever had.

Who made it?

What was the person like?

Did they love what they were up to in life? Did it come across in their way of being?

Now consider the most expensive meal you ever had.

Don’t you think snooty stuck up caterers make food taste just awful?

Restauranteurs, you know the type.

My ex used to say “you could stick a broom up that blokes arse and he would sweep the floor with it”.

No soul. Plastic passion. Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir.



So, who are you being?

Do you drive a Ford with a halo and make a mean bacon sandwich, or are you being inauthentic and playing the YES game to look good?

Because, no matter how good you think it looks, it looks like you got the dark end of the stick to me.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,


Mark Ty-Wharton

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