Who Stole The Dreambus?

Q. Is there free will or is everything predetermined? A. No.

There is only what is happening.

There is no real person doing – only being.

Who you are being is what has success apparantly happen to you.

In what is happening there are all kinds of flows of energy.

When we go with flow it is effortless.

When I force myself not to be X I am not going with flow. I suffer.

The real power is to align my beliefs and perceptions (about an individual me) with the energies of that which I wish to be attracted to.

There is no real doer here.

So (for example) accepting the destiny of a successful man can lead to the appearance of being an individual doing success.

The only choice is being.

Shit happens!

Our choice about who we are being dictates which shit happens to an apparant individual us.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when applying Law Of Attraction.

It doesn’t happen to you.

You happen to it.

See You On The Other Side Of The Looking Glass

Mark Ty-Wharton

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