all the same

my whole life I have been a conversation for and about unique

I cannot copy another and I remain myself unduplicated

or do I?

as a musician, suddenly I recognise music as an exercise in sound analysis, nothing more

every piece of music which has been chosen for Open Boat Orchestra follows the same simple rule

which rule?

melody based on the harmonic series of overtones human beings have recognised in naturally resonant objects for centuries

it doesn’t matter where you start in a scale or mode, music it seems is just a language

for me, the mathematical relationships have always been interesting

the building blocks of scales and modes have always been MIDI numbers in a computer, the guitar a tool to put them there

having maintained for at least ten years that I can make any piece of music work in relation to any other and with twenty eight pieces of music to play with it is suddenly clear

it is all the same, all the same

see you on the other side of the looking glass

mark ty wharton

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