A Guest Post By Writer Mike Tonbridge

Aspergers phenomenon is an acute sense of labelling perceptive data thus ample generating of conceptual data from an unfamiliar (to the other) altitude deep within the Universe.

Born as a gift, a mutation – a more complex framework that overloads as processing.

This body-mind knows this because it’s dropping all the data into Wholeness.

It’s for the Autism black-hole to re-direct individuals supported with Autism framework into functioning in Wholeness, whether that be Languaging, Soul music, Leisure, Care Altruism or Body age prolonging science. [I think i’ve answered your ‘what is the most important thing humans have created’ question here]

Autistic framework body-minds appear as hungry grasping of the Universe.

Autism is not the saviour of humanity and physical earthing but merely just a text book. However..

: The frontier of evolved data


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