Do You Mind?

On waking at 05:00 am and standing in the bathroom taking a leak, the shear wonder of the Universe was suddenly at hand (literally).

Looking around then at the hand a voice said “wow, amazing, this is it” and then “this is what they must all be on about, ‘I’ am enlightened” – then as ‘I’ took ownership, the magical wonder of the Universe seemed to fall away from ‘me’.

‘I’ grasped at its wonder but the more ‘I’ tried to hold onto it the further it seemed from a ‘me’ that was grasping.

The key was in the allowing – when ‘I’ am not there to grasp and there is only allowing, it’s amazing, toothbrushes are amazing the toilet is amazing, everything is still and the reflection of the face in the mirror looks much younger than forty seven.

There is a realisation that the person trying to own it’s reflection isn’t real, because something else observes the illusion of him as he struggles to accept that he isn’t needed for reality to occur.

There appear to be different forms of realisation. Buddhist, Hindu, Zen all pointing to the same, all different in their practice and explanation.

Yet why would ‘anyone’ need to get the dumb simplicity of this?

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Mark Ty-Wharton

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