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I am sitting on a plane on my way back from giving a talk about Aspergers, how it effects me and how I express myself with sound.

Today, I had the privilege of meeting Derek Paravicini and his mentor Adam Ockleford.

Derek introduced himself to me and I told him I am a musician. He simply said “let’s play, when are we going to play”.

I have met a great many famous people and shaken hands with everyone from Iggy Pop to Little Richard.

Yet, I found myself in awe for perhaps the first time in my life.

Perhaps I should have shown him my iPhone applications? explained my role as a sound programmer, pulled some shapes on the touch screen guitar.

Another time perhaps, for me at least it was quite overwhelming.

Having met Derek, I did a brief interview, then attended Adam’s lecture.

What a fascinating and truly inspiring man.

I found myself moved to tears by Adam’s dedication to his students, his patience and his insight into autism.

He really hit the mark for me and his observations about sight impaired and autistic people were spot on.

So many people have fixed opinions about autism and it was refreshing to hear a lecture by someone who used the words possibly and probably.

Autism is a function of evolution, for reasons we have yet to know. It appears to be part of the survival mechanism of human biogenetics.

Attending the Autism Festival in Slovenia has opened a new series of questions about creativity for me.

About the symbolism of art, music and words. About our need as a race to communicate similarities and differences. About connections and more.

Where the majority of thoughts in our minds are weeds, perhaps Derek Paravicini’s mind is simply free to flower.

Anurajyati (be in love!);

Mark Ty-Wharton

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  1. Very inspiring : – )

    I saw a documentary film about the life of Glenn Gould, and was inspired by it this weekend.


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