2012 what does it really mean?

I have been hearing about this a lot lately.

It amazes me that as a race we seem intent on adding meaning to everything.

It is it seems, our disease.

That along with the act of assigning importance to ourselves and the events that apparently surround us.

What we tend to miss is that we invented time.

There is always an event in the future which has relevance.

And boy do we buy into them.

In my lifetime, George Orwell’s 1984.

The year 2000 and the millennium bug. Did it make any difference to anything? Really?

And now the Myan calendar.

Give me a break.

We are all going to die?

So what!

It is my privilege to live, breathe and think about this.

It is a profound thing indeed that contemplation of my surroundings is even possible.

And then because an invitation to worry about my death in two years time arrives in my InBox.

I am supposed to buy your $97 product?

Why thanks buddy!

What kind of a person runs the kind of scam that only the vulnerable will be trapped into buying?

Of course ultimately it is all part of a bigger picture and the scam is as meaningless as the proposed event itself, but all the same.

As part of the quantum team of timeless expression of this ever expanding universe we live in, there is a game.

The rules of the game are that satisfaction comes from helping other players attain full self expression, in the moment.

This isn’t a “give ’em sweets, I don’t care if they are sick afterwards, it’s not my problem when they’ve gone ‘ome” Universe.

Because the problem with that attitude is, it is a part of a bigger problem.

How many people will you let get fleeced into thinking tomorrow is significant.

When you know this is it, right now?

You know who you are!

Spread the word.

Anurajyati (be in love!),

Mark Ty-Wharton