satisfaction in motoring

image394775360.jpgMy partner Gina was recently due to start a new job and it immediately became logistically obvious we were going to need two cars.

I had it carefully planned out, something Japanese, with one previous owner and low mileage. I even had two cars lined up, including a fabulous bronze Daewoo Matisse.

On the Sunday before she started her new job and the week my son returned to school I decided to try the Autotrader iApp.

And there it was, a green Ford Puma for half what I was willing to pay for the other car.

Having been told we were NOT getting a green car I kept looking.

At some point in the proceedings Gina said “I don’t care, just buy anything”!

“What about a green Puma”? I ventured and within an hour we were on our way to see it.

It looked amazing, more like a 29,000 mile car than the 129,000 miles the owner was claiming.

Rule one: never take a boisterous five year old with you to buy a car.

Rule two: drive it.

A handful of cash later and the owner had even agreed to drive it twenty miles back to out house for me.

I gave him a lift home and when I got back I sat in my new pride and joy.


It hadn’t smelled like that when we looked at it…

Burning water no less, bringing back memories of a car I once bought of eBay for £37 boiling off all it’s water by way of a masticked headgasket on the motorway and almost catching fire.

This car was too much of an investment to abandon. I decided to take it to a mechanic my friend Terry had recommended and ask him to take a look.

The journey to the garage was terrifying. There was that smell again and what was that bang every time we hit even the slightest bump.

Some several hundred pounds later and the suspension replaced, the sound has gone away, the elusive smell however was still causing a problem.

I had noticed a pool of water on the gearbox each time I drove the car and realised the heater hose was leaking.

A morning’s work and two very bruised hands later and all is well.

Suddenly this little car has been transformed into one of the most satisfying vehicles I have ever driven.

Ford parts are cheap and plentiful and I am rapidly learning I can do most jobs myself.

The Puma is like a modern classic, in a sense reminding me of my old Triumph Vitesse.

I am developing a soft spot for it and I am rather pleased to have a car with a personality.

I keep thinking matt black and whitewalls 🙂 13 inch wheels from a Capri would fit? Red… Chrome hubs!

Anyone want to mock that up in Photoshop so I know what it looks like?

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton