The Navigation Of Who

Beginning with the question who am I? starts the creation of self.

But where is this self?

This who as “I” for most of us is self centred and thus in essence we are something like lost.

Perhaps when you have a more honest sense of self, you can start to have some idea who you are?

To use a very simple analogy.

If I were navigating a ship, standing on the ship and using the ship as a reference point in the middle of an ocean wouldn’t tell me much about my location.

Finding a fixed reference point on the distant horizon however may give me some indication.

With two reference points and accurate charts, given the right tools I could represent my location with a whole lot more accuracy.

Although of course even this would not be a true representation, only a relative one, relative to the points used for reference.

Take Earth for example?

I know where I am physically in relation to the surface of the Earth. It tells me nothing about my relationship to space. Does it have a centre? A start point? An end? Is it möbiotic?

And can I rely on perception alone to give me a true location of self?

What reference point to use?


Is there one?

Can you prove it?




What if self is simply a reflection of what arises in your experience?

What if the reference points you think are solid are merely perceived and are not even true?

I am not saying the ship will disappear without reference points.

Perhaps I am saying the ship would simply know that it didn’t know where it was.

Then perhaps with an indefinite course life becomes an adventure to explore and find out about?

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton