More Stories About Buildings And Food

It seems I regularly write the same thing over and over?
Stuck in a groove of life with a certain cyclicity and not knowing it, seems bizarre to me, yet it seems, this is how it is.
I came up with a brand new idea today and then discovered I already talked about it in March.
Then I came up with another one.
Seems I had this same idea in February 2010…
You see, I have it all worked out now, it is just the disorganisation that prevents the truth about the universe from coming together in a book.
As I go through hundreds of audio recordings and filter the ideas into shorter sentences on paper, it’s obvious that conceptually perhaps I thrive on chaos.
I know where it all is and what it all is but getting it in order.
An order I can understand.
An order I can convey to you.

Looking back through my blog, you will find it started with food. There are stories about anxiety and aspergers, some insights perhaps.

Click around a while and see what’s been said here, in the comments too.

It may be worth your while to spend a little time here.

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton