A Theory Of The Universe

A Theory Of The Universe

I recently went to speakers corner and started speaking about consciousness.

By consciousness, I mean one consciousness.

I hold it on good faith that we are “one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively”.

I say I hold it on good faith, because for it to be seen, there would have to be no individual me.

So we are not talking about collective or group consciousness here, because those would be the collective thoughts and feelings of a group of individuals.

What I am suggesting is; there is no separation. That any separation is only apparent and simply serves as a useful reference point for gardening or shopping.

Take science. The scientific world view is that there was a great big bang a few million years back and over time we evolved out of that creation.

Many things from one?

Yet scientists also tell you everything in the known universe is constructed from the same building blocks.

Would it be mad to suggest; everything which is not matter is consciousness?

And all matter constitutes the physical form of that conscious being.

The big bang happening now.

My heckler at speakers corner argued that I was misusing the word consciousness and reminded me “surely consciousness is the state of being conscious; awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings”.

The prevailing truth it seems, is that we are individuals having an individual experience.

For him it seems, there is something in him looking out at everything else.

But let’s play with the dictionary definition.

Consciousness, the state of being conscious.

Conscious, aware of one’s own existence.


So where does awareness happen?

I say “I hold it on good faith” as an individual for a very good reason.

It can be said that when I look at a tree in the park, the awareness of the tree happens with my mind.

Yet the awareness of the tree happens at the point of the tree, without the tree there can be no experience of the tree.

So the location of my mind can be seen to be with the tree itself.

And in a sense, I am only my awareness so I must also be the tree.

Which means I am one consciousness experiencing itself in separation.

But will the tree still be here when I die?

Sure, it will.

I am not saying it exists only because of me, the tree and the apparent I are just in a dance with nature.

So is the tree in my experience separate to the tree in your experience?

Wink alternate eyes in fast succession.

Two points of view?

Does it mean you are two people?

Two separate experiences seen as one.

Self simply happens as a result of everything perceived.

For you and I there is no absolute tree.

Actually there might not really be a you at all, it could be an illusion?

But you and I held it on good faith for years that we are individuals.

You and I created an us and them world view.

So how is that working for us?

A satisfactory theory of the universe has to be one that’s worth betting on. It seems to me absolutely elementary common sense. If you make a theory of the universe which isn’t worth betting on, why bother, just commit suicide. But if you want to go on playing the game you’ve got to have an optimal theory for playing the game. Otherwise there is no point in it – Alan Watts

You and I are not who we think we are.

There is one pervading energy and it can be said to be conscious, because I am it, you are it and there is awareness.

The paradox is; I cannot prove this as an individual because proving the hypothesis would depend on there not being a me to prove it.

So I am holding it on faith.

Call it what you will and I invite you to discuss it with me.

When I say “one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively” what does that mean to you?

Are you vehemently opposed?

You see, what’s being suggested is that ultimately dropping the us and them analogy and supporting a philosophy of “one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively” creates a context where there can be a powerful shift for humanity.

Holding the one consciousness model of the universe on faith is a more empowering position than believing this world is a a singular experience dominated by the idea that the world revolves around a me.

When I see you and I as part of ‘what is happening’ unfolding, I treat you with love and respect.

See you on the other side of the looking glass

Anurajyati (be in love!)