enlightenment brain entrainment

After watching Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight on the TED channel and with an understanding of the hemi-sync technology, the consciousness research pioneered by the Monroe institute, I created this rather enlightening brain entrainment for use with headphones.

In a sense, it is designed to simulate a mild stroke and my experience of it is, that after listening, my mind is calmer and my visual field appears much brighter.

It has a fun hippy era feel to it and I like to imagine myself in a bright flowery shirt driving a VW camper and smoking Californian grass, not that any of those things ever agreed with me!

This recording however, takes me to all the places I imagined I would have gone if it had.

The result is very hypnotic so I recommend that you do not actually listen while driving your camper van. You are also responsible for getting yourself out of trance, there is nothing in the script to bring you back from enlightenment, so you may find yourself queuing at the bank and really enjoying it.

Finally, if you are in any way epileptic or susceptible to hypnosis, please don’t listen at all because it might make you mental. Ultimately, this audio is designed for entertainment purposes only.

Please use it responsibly and don’t forget to smile when you have finished.

Of course, I might be imagining any effect this has on my brain and you know what, I invite you to do that too…

Please pay what you think it is worth. The flow of energy between us will enable me to pass on your good will to others. And if you decide to download it for free, I will collect your email address and mail you incessantly till you buy something else.

Anyway, have some fun with it 😉

Anurajyati (be in love!)


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