Is There Free Will?

Q. Is there free will, or is life predetermined?

A. No

As human beings we have no free will, our choices are already made.

And nobody knows what will happen next.

Does saying our choices are already made in some way negate our identities as people?

Clearly I have an identity, albeit an illusory one. Clearly I makes choices based on a set of random preferences but what most people fail to see is because.

Justification as a driver is the almost unavoidable pitfall that constructs the concept of I or me.

Individuality, what appears as free will is simply a set of reactions, some resulting in further chaos others in order and categorisation.

And perhaps because of this order in chaos it appears as if we can predict life.

I can assert that the sun will rise tomorrow, I can even tell you I will forget to eat lunch.

These however are only possibilities of which there are many others, though we can stick with the most probable.

Did you know that ‘Anything Is Possible’?

Not everything is probable but in the realms of possibility there are other choices to be made.

I can wake up in a bad mood and choose happiness.

Ah you say!


You said we have no free will?

I did.

I have to wake up angry then choose to be happy because this is how I turned out.

Perhaps the only choice we have is to be okay with the way we are and maybe even that is a reaction to thousands of years of religious doctrine.

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton