Another Glitch In The Matrix

I experienced something like a total audio blackout today and like all good human beings I am trying to derive the meaning of it.

I have been recording binaural sounds so being on an flight home from speaking at an autism conference in Slovenia gave me a perfect opportunity to record RyanAir aircraft interior.

I was listening hard and very tired and started to fall asleep. Around 1:38 into a recording I experienced total silence and thinking something had gone wrong with my headphones I woke out of immediate sleep with a start to the onslaught of cabin noise.

I made a note of the time it had happened on the recording then got to thinking.

My initial assumption was the audio had dropped out and I had heard silence in my headphones because something had gone wrong.

As a seasoned touring audio engineer one instinctively knows how to wake up and look alert. It is a sort of sixth sense on tour, to sleep whenever you can but to remain professional in the case of a problem.

I have run entire shows asleep, waking up to start and stop the backing tracks or solve technical problems.

So nothing new here, audio drops out, brain wakes up.


I had microphones in my ears, not headphones, so the audio source was the cabin of the aircraft NOT what was in my ears.

I checked the recording.

No drop out.

The audio glitch was in my brain, it was as if my hearing fainted then reset.

Imagine you went deaf for 50ms then your ears came back on.

Like that.

So what meaning can I derive from the experience?

I can only assume I totally blacked out momentarily?

Or that our ears close when we are totally asleep?

Or, between Slovenia and the UK I skipped into a parallel universe.

Anyone know the answer?

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton