Why I Would Make An Excellent Judge On The X Factor

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I just read the following article http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/tv/2012/01/24/simon-cowell-warns-x-factor-judges-aren-t-safe-for-2012-115875-23714604/ and I got really excited…

The reason I am excited is because I would make a perfect judge

It is because:

I don’t watch it!

And I am deeply intuitive…

I also have a knack of predicting whether acts are going to have hits.

I am diagnosed with Aspergers and find it hard to lie, so an artist’s feelings won’t be a problem, a genuine no won’t be hard for me.

Yet I can be deeply moved by music which has that special something.

I have excellent life coaching skills and know how to push people hard and produce results.

I am experienced and have been a sound engineer and record producer for nearly thirty years.

I have original ideas and I am very creative.

I have a photographic memory for melody and an unusual way of slotting styles together.

I would bring passion and excitement to the program.

And a hundred other things, just read the website, or ask me!

I don’t really feel the need to persuade anyone, so check me out, I am your man.

And if you know me, please nominate me.


See you on the other side of the looking glass,