Live for the moment, of the moment

Live for the moment, of the moment

We hear this phrase a lot and yet, never really think about what it means.

The etymology of words fascinates me, because it is in language that the ancient secrets of the Universe are revealed.

It is in the lost meanings of things that freedom lies.

Often times just a thought away and usually spread right across language without us noticing.

The dictionary defines the moment as a short indefinite period of time.


Not limited.

Unlike infinite, a concept which has no ending, indefinite feels sure that things will one day come to an end, it just doesn’t know when.

At some point perhaps time will stop?

Moment is derived from the Latin word momentum, meaning movement.

Momentum is a certain kind of movement, driven by force, conjuring images of motion that cannot be stopped.

The ball is in play and it has a strength or velocity about it, a tendency to keep moving.

Let’s look at our current model of creation, the Big Bang. The God of the religion Science!

This imaginary force that pulled the Universe into being and suspended it magically in space has a tendency to keep things in motion and it does it by flux and flow, wax and wane.

Its inconsistency perpetuates it, as it makes maximum use of direction, magnitude and velocity.

And let’s look at current itself.

Here is another word that appears to mean one thing, something intransient, yet means something else as well.

Just as moment belongs to time, current implies a static concept, as well as one of flow.

We cannot freeze the motion of the Universe. It has a tendency to keep moving.

So for living in the moment, of the moment?

It just means “do things”.

Shit happens…

It doesn’t mean meditate and be at one with the universe, you are already that.

It does not mean “Be In The Now” because time is an arbitary concept based on planet earth’s relationship with the sun.

Living in the moment means, getting wet in the river of life and going wherever it may flow.

Living for the moment means “what happens, happens”.

Do some things today, just for today.

Go with the flow, when it’s rapid, it’s rapid, when it’s not, it’s not.

The Taoists recommend taking action that is spontaneous and effortless.

I invite you to apply these principles to your life today and see what shows up.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love!) (be in love),

Mark Ty-Wharton