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Birth chart interpretation for Mark

Born 18 Mar 1963 at 23:25 local time in Southampton, Britain – England
Long: 001W22 Lat: 50N54 Zone: 00:00 DST: No UT: 23:25

Generated by Mark Ty-Wharton

Sun 27° 39′ Pisces
Moon 03° 03′ Capricorn
Mercury 16° 35′ Pisces
Venus 16° 56′ Aquarius
Mars 05° 22′ Leo
Jupiter 26° 09′ Pisces
Saturn 18° 46′ Aquarius
Uranus 02° 13′ Virgo
Neptune 15° 24′ Scorpio
Pluto 10° 27′ Virgo
Ascendant 23° 31′ Scorpio
Midheaven 14° 27′ Virgo

General personality

Born under the sign of Pisces, you have a deep-feeling nature with compassion for those less fortunate than you. You tend to have obscure and undefined goals, and cause confusion for yourself and others because you act on your emotions. But when you succeed in defining your objectives, you have an abundance of creative imagination and insight to realize them. You are kind and charitable, but sometimes your tendency to make sacrifices for other people can get out of hand. You can easily resort to telling white lies to get out of tricky situations, and all too soon you find yourself in trouble – either at work or with your parents or lover. Your imagination could be put to good use in the arts or music.Scorpio rising produces a personality that is deeply reserved, secretive and determined. The power of the personality emerging from a Scorpio Ascendant is so intense, magnetic, and charismatic, that it is often somewhat overwhelming. Symbolized by the scorpion, you have an external “coat of armor” that protects and lets you survive in hostile situations. You are not the sort of person who ever knuckles under, even when pressures and circumstances would defeat lesser souls. When cornered, the famous “deadly scorpion sting” may be brought into play. With Scorpio on the rise your personality is very powerful. People find you hard to understand, to know what you are thinking at any particular time. There is a hidden depth to your persona that is nearly impossible for others to comprehend. Much of the time you may feel as though you are misunderstood. You are very willful and self-reliant, appearing calm and in control on the surface. Yet there are strong emotions at work inwardly. Scorpio is a water sign, and it is a fixed sign. This means that you are an emotional person. These emotions are very controlled (fixed), giving you the determination and the strength to overcome just about any opponent. Resentment and jealousy can be intense with you. You always pursue your goals with intensity. You can stand under heavy strain, and be relied upon to stay cool, even in the most serious emergency. You’re inclined to be very suspicious or skeptical, and occasionally you can be “stingingly ” sarcastic. Every sign has a positive and negative expression, but with the Scorpio the range of possibilities is extreme. Everything is black or white. There are no shades of gray with Scorpio on the rise. Your penetrating stare can look right through a person or a situation. You can make an instant diagnosis and it is usually the right one. The Scorpio personality is often maligned as over-sexed, a bit on the evil side, and often bent on revenge. This is not completely true, but Scorpio does get what it wants, when it wants it, most of the time. It is not a personality to be trifled with.

Emotionally you are reserved and cautious. This might lead to loneliness at times, since you have some difficulty in projecting warmth and tenderness. You are serious and more concerned with achieving goals and objectives than many others, and you want to be recognized as a capable and independent individual. This is not a bad trait, but try not to look down your nose at other people’s suggestions. You are instinctively apprehensive of new ideas, and have a tendency to grumble about minor things that goes unexpectedly wrong. One of your major problems might be lack of self-confidence. Try to look at life with optimism.

You have an abundance of energy, and are able to work very hard when interested in something. You have the knack for inspiring others to do things as well, and would be an excellent team leader. Young people can relate well to you because there is an element of youthfulness in your temperament, but you are inclined to take risks, which could be costly.

A conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter shows that you rarely do anything in moderation. You have an undying faith in yourself and believe that you can do anything to which you set your mind. Your enthusiasm and confidence level runs high, and sometimes you promise more than you can deliver. Even when major setbacks occur, you hang in there. You’re never one to let anything get you down or keep you from charging off on another venture. You have confidence that affairs will eventually work out. Character is all important to you. An extremely high sense of justice and concern for others is apparent in your makeup, even if this doesn’t show up in other parts of your chart.

A positive aspect formed between the Moon and Uranus suggests that your early environment and experiences gave you an inquiring mind. You’re mentally alert and able to absorb knowledge easily. You relate well to people because you listen well and appreciate the opinions of others. You hold your own in an argument because you are always well armed with the facts. You’re not exactly a rebel to authority, but you never hesitate to challenge anyone who assumes power irresponsibly. Your thinking integrates experiences of the past with a clear vision of the possibilities in the future. You’ve learned from your past, yet you’re anything but old-fashioned. Your colorful expression is original and spontaneously imaginative.

Mentality & communication

You have a powerful imagination, and a pleasant, gentle way of thinking and communicating, but you are forgetful, and not terribly practical when it comes to planning the day-to-day organization of your life. You probably rely more on using your intuition than on logical thinking, but then your hunches and feelings are usually more accurate than most other people’s. You are mentally disorganized and have difficulty keeping your attention on one thing at a time. Although you have many interests, your concentration needs conscious development if you are to avoid just wandering here and there, accomplishing little.You are also alert, curious, and knowledgeable on many unusual subjects, and have the capacity for independent and progressive thought, and to communicate this in an original way. Your mind is constantly active, consciously or subconsciously. Solutions to intellectual problems can come to you in unexpected flashes. Your mind is focused toward the future, and you have no problem understanding or accepting modern thought.

Love, marriage & social relations

You have dynamic powers of attraction and an individual way of expressing affection, but it is not very easy for you to relate to people on a very intimate level. You tend to be more of a friend than a lover, and you need good intellectual rapport with your partner more than most other people. Unusual things stimulate your interest, and you seek the company of people who are different from the average person. It is also essential for you to be permitted complete freedom of mobility, as you can easily blame others for restricting your development. On the other hand you respect people’s right to be themselves as well.A conjunction of Venus and Saturn shows the necessity to make concessions to others to get what you want. You have to adjust to make relationships work. Many of your relationships are unsatisfactory or restricting in some ways. You feel you are being used or perhaps they are just not fulfilling. It may be that you have to give more than the other person does. Pessimism may mark your attitude toward personal relationships. This aspect also relates to financial matters. Your judgment in material affairs is sound, and you are very self-disciplined in handling money.

Venus forms a negative aspect with Neptune in your horoscope. This aspect may show subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal relationships. It’s hard for you to maintain close relationships because of defense mechanisms that go up when you sense that you are being challenged. Rose-colored glasses or blinders may affect your judgment in matters of the heart, and perhaps also to your financial affairs, as well. You are likely to be shy and retiring with the opposite sex, at least more so than shown by other indicators in your chart. Often this aspect shows a lack of direct or a degree of dishonesty or subterfuge associated in marital affairs.

Career & ambition

The Virgo influence in tenth house suggests that attainment is gained through service. Often this service is associated with improving people’s minds. You work with diligence and devotion to fulfill professional commitments. Despite your broad views, you can efficiently cope with many details in your work. Your career may deal with writing and critical analysis, allowing you to express your practical, concrete observations and your thoughts and theories. You will be bored unless your career requires the exchange of ideas and a complexity of detail. You probably play it safe in selecting a career. You may prefer to find employment in a large, well-established organization such as civil service, a church, or an educational institution.

Other traits

You tend to be quite philosophical, and there may well be a dedication to beliefs; this may emerge in an adherence to a religious faith, but equally could relate to some compelling interest, or perhaps an art-form. Charitable and kind, you are able to do a great deal to improve the lot of less fortunate people. You have a good capacity to enjoy life, and a tendency to put on weight. You can be somewhat deceptive, and probably are an excellent mimic.You have a rational, logical and positive manner, and don’t like having to depend on others for anything. You are usually able to take a detached view of your own psychological problems, and while there may not be a great deal of flexibility in your attitude of mind, you have the ability to counter what is wrong by using stronger and more positive characteristics and traits. You tend to be quite individual, and don’t accept overconventional or well-established ideas or outmoded concepts.