I’ve Seen The Light

“Have you ever been chased by your shadow Dad”?

“No, I don’t think I have” I replied, “why have you”?

“What, have you never run then”?

The adult mind looks at the above enquiry and takes it somewhere. The child mind takes it somewhere else. And it is this child inside this book seeks to illicit. The behaviour of child, the innocence of child, that lies within. A seed of pure consciousness within each and every one of us. A part of us which is not overrun with concepts about the way things are, should be. Perceptions of a real world made unreal by the very perceiving of it. Believing in what it senses based on untruths and misconceptions.

So it is the adult mind that misconceives the chasing of shadows.

And it is the child mind who understands the poetic reference to shadows chasing trees in the breeze.

You see the adult mind does something to the shadow that the child does not and in so doing negates any possibility that the shadow could be chasing.

The adult mind presupposes the shadow has an identity, or in the case of shadows does not.

How can a shadow chase me if I don’t grant it being? Unless it has an identity, how could it possibly give chase?

The shadow is a reflection of dark in the light. Absence of light, blocked from projection of source to the ground I stand upon. Body masks photons and there it is. The shadow. In a sense it isn’t real. So if it isn’t real how could it give chase?

To the child mind, the shadow is always chasing you. The younger the child the less of a sense of their own identity they have, so less need to personify objects and shadows.

The shadow chases the body, because that is what happens. It doesn’t need an identity to give chase. The child mind simply observes without recourse to concept. So it doesn’t need to negate reality.

Okay, let’s take this somewhere else.

My sense of self is as inseparable from being as my shadow is inseparable from the light.

I exist.

Existence is and there I am.

You can’t sneak up and jump on it. Self is a tricky thing to trick.

Standing in the light of being, I know the light of being creates the illusion of self.

And I have seen the light.

On the other side of each fear lies a realm of consciousness without a shadow, the child mind set free.

On the other side of self lies the real me.

Being, just being.

Existence is and there I am.

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