Big Bang or Love In A Void

Scientists like to think of the big bang as an explosion.
The big bang was not an event in the way we might think of an event in our time span, for human beings it is more like a process that we are living through. This is the big bang, happening right now and it has been going on since the beginning of time. In fact it constitutes time, which is an abstract notion about the movement of objects in the observable sky.
So what is this?
Are we really caught in an explosion, this event which spans billions of years, a process with our fiery Sun as one its products, or is this something else.
For any given problem, I have a tendency to look at it from some other angle that hasn’t yet been considered.
What this means for the universe is, scientists have made a lot of assumptions about it which may not be true.
The idea that a tiny object exploded with such force that it created everything, is pretty silly.
It conveniently side steps the question “what set up the conditions for the big bang” but, it still doesn’t make sense.
I am not expecting to make perfect sense of it, because I simply don’t have the resources to observe enough of the universe or apparent time to make a viable judgement about it.
Sometimes solutions just leap out as obvious and I really got to wondering how many experiments have been done to measure the effects of vacuums in explosions.
If you are a scientist, here is something to consider. Something simple, which has perhaps been overlooked?
Earth exists in a vacuum, however it is not being sucked in any particular direction.
It strikes me as somewhat unusual that we would find a vacuum in an explosion.
Consider the big bang again.
Doesn’t it make more sense to think of it as an implosion?
Imagine there was a tiny particle (the known universe) at the centre of an infinite vacuum.
Think of a cup, bring the image of the cup to mind.
Now think of the space inside the cup.
Not that space.
Think of the space in your mind that the space in the cup occupied before I asked you to think of a cup.
That space.
Of course, now I have told you, the same thought experiment won’t work again, so we need to try something else to recreate the conditions that gave rise to the universe.
Hold an empty space in your mind.
You have an idea of space right?
Similar to the space in the cup?
Okay so just prior to the idea of that space, you had no ideas about the exercise I was going to ask you to do?
No prior concept of space?
There was a NOT space there right?
Pure nothing.
These were the conditions for the big bang.
A huge nothing, which was so empty, so vast, so infinite, that it sucked life into existence from a single particle.
It sounds insane doesn’t it?
But we all accept the big bang as a fact because it comes from the voice of science.
Oh and Ms Science, when you hear the validity in my argument, don’t forget to credit me with the idea…
Because big bang theory has to be wrong, because Earth is in a vacuum.

See you on the other side of the looking glass

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton
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