Think and Grow Rich: A Burning Desire

My Think and Grow Rich study group is proving to be a positive experience for all involved.

We have now moved on the Chapter four, “Auto-Suggestion” and we are all creating desire statements.

I wanted to share one of the participants’ affirmation of their burning desire with you so you get a sense of what is happening in the group. (Some of the personal details have been removed).


I know I have the ability to achieve this goal and I promise to take persistent and continuous action towards its completion.
I realise if I stimulate my mind, it will act on stimulus both negative and positive and that will become my self-expression.
I am choosing a confident and positive mental attitude towards myself and others.
I will not give up until I have put in place whatever needs to be done.
I pledge only to engage in activities which are for mutual benefit.

By 31st November 2013 I will have £22,000. I will have received 50% from the sales of 12 paintings at 44,000 before commission. By November 31st 2012 I have a complete new body of work.

In return for this money, I have created a body of Art work which is inspiring and beautiful. An expression of who I am in the world – committed playful connection. The work will be on show in X X X and X X Gallery in X in both spaces I have fantastic relationships with the Gallery owners and staff and in both solo shows sell 6 large paintings. The clients who buy and own my work have a lifetime of beauty and a financial investment for the future. I take continuous action, drawing, looking, playing, painting and making. Sharing myself passionately and generously with the world and acknowledging and appreciating the beauty everyday. I create opportunities for others to express their creativity, passion and playfulness. Everyday I notice the beauty and share that passion in the world.

I believe painting is an opportunity. I believe by completing these paintings, I provide a service to those who show and sell Artwork. I believe in this so strongly I can see my success. I am willing to adapt my plan to meet the opportunities that universal life force (whatever that might be) furnishes me with to complete on this.

My plan is to create a beautiful, inspiring body of work which expresses how I see the world- playful connection.

In a nutshell I aim to share my creative voice with the world, inspiration, beauty and playful connection.

Initially I will present this in the form of sketches and photographs from my recent visit to X X. In X X a commitment to manage my time to allow creative expression in and out of the studio.
A weekly drawing group in my studio will provide the space for myself and others to experience creative playful connection.
Being part of Open studio, inviting others to come to my space and sharing passionately what I do.
Creating a global structure with the artists friends I have around the world to share what I am working on through facebook and blogging.

By November 2012 I am in communication with X X Gallery and visit X X Gallery. I will also be in communication with X X and X (art consultant)

I follow these instructions in the spirit of faith and the principals of auto-suggestion.

What makes this kind of statement powerful, is the person who has written it is reading the statement several times a day and using it for reprogramming their life path.

If you are reading Think and Grow Rich, see if you can create something similar.

Take the above statement as a template and apply it to your situation.

Let me know how you get on by typing something in the comment section below.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton

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