What People Need To Know About Indiegogo

First of all, thank you if you donated to my Indiegogo campaign.

I would love to have been able to refund your money at this point, but because of the way it is set up I have been trapped.

I promise to complete the book one way or another and send out the perks.

While I did not meet my $5,000 target to pay an editor to work on my book with me, all this will go some way towards the cost.

What you will be dismayed to know is, if you paid by credit card, Indiegogo absorbed 75% of your donation.

If you paid by PayPal, the fees weren’t so bad, but given that Indiegogo have a PayPal account, why on earth couldn’t they convert the credit card payments into a single PayPal payment?

If you are thinking of using Indiegogo as a fund raising platform, you may want to read the email they sent me below before doing it.

I recommend fund raising with someone else.

Again, if you made a donation, thank you very much and I will make sure you get your perk.

Thank God I didn’t reach the goal or they would have taken another 5%.

See you on the other side of the looking glass

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton

* *

Dear Mark,

Congratulations on raising funds for your Indiegogo campaign, Snails In Hyperspace. Today, Fri Nov 02, we triggered a disbursement of $10 to your Barclays PLC bank account.

We estimate that you will receive the funds by Fri Nov 09.

If you have not received your funds by Fri Nov 09, your disbursement may have been rejected due to incorrect bank account information.

Summary of Funds Raised on ‘Snails In Hyperspace’:

Total Amount Raised: $386

$40: Amount Raised by Credit Card

  • $3: Indiegogo Platform fee (9.0%)
  • $1: Payment processing fee (3.0%)
  • $25: International wire transfer fee

+ $0: Credit Card Goal Completion Refund (5.0%) = $10: Net Credit Card Funds

$346: Total Amount Raised by PayPal

  • $31: Indiegogo Platform fee (9.0%)
  • $10: Estimated payment processing fee (3.0%)

+ $0: PayPal Goal Completion Refund (5.0%) = $304: Estimated Net PayPal Funds

Funds raised by PayPal are sent to your PayPal account at the time of transaction, minus our 9% Indiegogo Platform fee and PayPal’s payment processing fee of about 3%. For a list of your PayPal contributions and the dates that they were sent to your PayPal account, please see:

If your campaign has met its goal, we disburse your PayPal Goal Completion Refund to your PayPal account in a separate disbursement. Please check your email for a separate disbursement confirmation from Indiegogo titled “Indiegogo Disbursement Confirmation for PayPal Goal Completion Refund ‘Snails In Hyperspace’”.

For more information about how disbursements work, please see:

For more information about fees, please see:

Once again, congratulations on your success!


The Indiegogo Team

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