REVIEW: What Is Neo-Waltz? November 3rd Chats Palace


So what is Neo-Waltz?

As I was in London on Saturday, I took a trip down memory lane to a club I once frequented in the early eighth decade of the last century to take a peek.

I always find it extraordinary that I can drive to Hampstead in under an hour and yet travelling eight miles across London can take almost as long.

I left my meeting at five hoping to arrive in time for free dance lessons, going by way of Shoreditch and boy has that changed.

The only familiar thing was a bus stop near what used to be a gay bar called The London Apprentice where once upon a time I was regularly chatted up while I waited for a number 55 bus.

On arrival parking was way more complicated than you can ever imagine. What was once the Eastern Hospital is now the much busier and larger Homerton University Hospital, so be prepared to walk a bit.

I discovered a side street a few blocks away where restrictions weren’t in force. However I recommend parking Clifden Road. Neo Waltz runs again on 1st December.

The best part of the journey was wandering down Brooksby’s Walk, which is a vibey melting pot of cultures, hair salons and fast food. I indulged in a doner kebab without the garlic sauce and bought mints with my would be dancing partner in mind.

My eTicket worked at the door and afforded me entry to the bar and the hall. I was very early and there were no familiar faces.

Thank God for Orange Carriera!

Why can’t all human beings be like this? She greeted me like a person she knew well and made me feel instantly comfortable.

Dancing is one of the things I do least well. I am dyspraxic, clumsy and wooden and hideously embarrassed about the whole thing. I think it harks back to a time when Miss Bennett, our heartthrob PE teacher had to teach me to dance for my part as the Tin Man in the school play. I think my mates looked on and laughed, while of course they secretly wished they were holding hands with her. But worse, the girl I really fancied was watching too and I looked like a total idiot.

And it is these kind of memories that drive us and stop us from being self expressed. And it is these kind of memories that need to be set aside when we want to try new things, to experiment with life and see what’s there for us.

Then it God weird.

What I haven’t told you yet is that the star of this show is Adamski, my younger brother.

The dance lessons started with Les Child and Orange Carriera instructing us and my brother’s daughter and I decided to partner.

This clearly wasn’t going to work, because learning dance steps involves looking at your feet, or in my case worrying about accidentally looking straight down my twenty one year old neice’s top.

We switched partners, so instead I danced with a young lady who claimed to be Adam’s number one fan and I looked down her top instead. It was of course reflexively male of me but a whole lot less embarrassing.

But that’s not Neo-Waltz!

Adam has invented a new style of music and not only did he DJ several hours of it, there were live sets with Guy Sigsworth, David McAlmont and the wow of the evening Viktoria Modesta.

This is a woman with a voice. She has curves to die for, the longest lashes I have ever seen and all graced with a victory rolls hair do.

People I have known forever were here now.

My best friend from school and her brother who I have not seen in years, Mr Monday creator of the classic house track Future (throw your arms in the air) and Mark Moore along with their various husbands, wives and mothers and children.

While I didn’t waltz with my niece, I waltzed with my friend’s mum Sue, who is sixty seven and clearly much better at it than I am.

So what is Neo-Waltz?

It’s clearly an entire musical revolution. Like you, I have been sick of four on the floor dance beats for years, even dub step comes back to it after the break downs so if you are bored of the obviously predictable then this is for you.

So what’s in it for you?

Here’s the biggest perks of the deal as I see them.

You get the warmth and personality of Orange Carriera, the magnificently constructed music of number one hit musician Adamski with a compelling twist, the stunning looks and powerhouse of a voice that is Viktoria Modesta and an evening that makes sense whether you are twenty or seventy.

Adam is inspiring others to follow his lead. There were a couple of guest appearances and another DJ set by Minty.

So as I said to my friend Sharon on Twitter, I might just have to make some Neo-Waltz myself.

See you on the other side of the looking glass

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton