Sometimes Suicide

About twenty five years ago I went and did some work with Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry fame and he gave me a piece of advice.

Write a seasonal hit.

I have been trying to write a Christmas song for years, starting the year after working with Ray in 1988.

I made a record called The Garden Of Eden with Kiss FM DJ Steve Jackson, fashion designer Pam Hogg, Wild Colonials front woman Angela McCluskey and my friend Darrel.

Yes, you guessed it, one of my contributions as a producer was that it must feature Christmas bells.

It did actually chart, but I think I underestimated the power of Cliff Richard’s charisma, label, marketing and so on. This was in the days when records sold hundreds of thousands of copies, but our record fared remarkably well and sold enough copies to get to number 98 and is still available in the iTunes music store.

So, I have been planning to write another Christmas song. I am just not the happy summery kind of guy, Ray’s idea ‘In The Summertime’ just didn’t appeal.

Spring? Well perhaps.

Autumn? Yes, that’s my kind of season, things getting ready to crawl away and die.

Every time I sat down in front of the computer, I would get to the point where I had to write a lyric and putting pen to paper just fell flat of my true sensibilities.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Christmas. I think the Christians have cobbled together something that works quite well and creating the Santa legend for the kids has been fun.

What I do object to is insincerity.

The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.
– Soctrates

Ever get that feeling deep in the pit of your stomach that life is not all it should be?

Perhaps you have considered ending it all?

The problem with these darker feelings is we try to gloss over them with a smile. Christmas is advertised as good will to all men and most of us are faking it.

I decided to write from the heart, about a subject I feel is important, so I wrote a Christmas Sucide Song.

Intrigued? Well I am not going to tell you anything else about it here.

I really want you to visit the song’s website to read more about it.

You will be able to hear the song and click on a link to buy it.

A portion of the proceeds from the song are being donated to charity.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton

PS comments are open, go ahead, have your say on this!