Simply You

Something noticeable when speaking to human beings is, a pattern of thinking can be interrupted. The human being can spontaneously wake up to who they really are.

Now this can happen when asked to consider the following. It may be that this only happens for a moment, yet in another sense, a moment is all we are.

Consider the phrase “my body” and what it means. Look for an obvious sense of separation between this body and something which is claiming to own this.

So who does this body belong to?

“My Body” really does imply there is something else, something other than the body which can own it.

Yet no such thing exists, it is nowhere to be found, look…

There is only a body.

Perhaps consider there is a mind? Then it can be possible to consider the mind is not the body.

Maybe the mind is the owner?

But what is this mind, other than a collection of thoughts?

And if they are “my” thoughts, then where still is this “me” which is having thoughts?

Again there is no such “me”, it is nowhere to be found, there is only a body. The rest? All smoke and mirrors of imagination.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton