Back To Naive Listening

My friend Morgan Bryan posted a video on my FaceBook wall the other day, of a girl singing.

I noted her voice was swamped in a Cathedral like reverb, yet the guitar was almost dry.

I found it distracting and while listening to the song, went to great lengths to point it out in the comment.

At the end of the song I had a realisation. I had listened to an entire production but missed the song.

Over ten million people can’t be wrong. And they were hearing something I wasn’t listening to, the content and not the wrapper.

As music professionals we get so caught up in the production that we sometimes fail to see what we are producing.

I don’t know how to unravel my producer mind, to get back to a place of being a niave listener.

It is as if I entered the magic circle many years ago and card tricks no longer hold any magic for me.

Or I am so busy trying to work out the trick that I miss the simplicity of the message and the song.

Sorry about that!

If I could step back through time, I don’t think I would change it.

I find insects and rusty things entertaining. So until I understand how they are produced, I can find joy in the world yet.

Some ideas outlive others,

Mark Tinley

Mark Tinley is a music technologist and sound artist (est. 1982) and appears as a regular panelist on SonicTalk, the SonicState Podcast