On Richard Dawkins And Humanism

Science doesn’t present facts, it presents ideas. Scientists present the findings of experimental research. I am not against science, I just want to make a point about people who misuse scientific evidence and Richard Dawkins is one of them. There is no evidence. Science is not about hard cold facts, even SI Base Units (the agreed building blocks by which scientific experiments measure) are actually variables.

If time, for example, is based on the event horizon, the speed of Earth fluctuates. What about distance? We are told the Universe is expanding? So how can there be any fixed state within it? Everything changes, relative to other things changing, all things changing at different rates.

Science is not truth, it is an approximation which is only valid in this moment. The speed of light has fluctuated many times over the last century and if you care to look, so have you. Your life is an infinitesimally small blip when compared to say a Sun coming and going.

So the problem I am addressing by writing this, really only occurs when people who quote scientists, present scientific data as the truth. It is just as misguided as a minister who presents the word of God as the truth. Or any other belief system, or philosophy (including this one, perhaps it is not true that it is not true).

Science is certainly useful for making technological improvements. I enjoy using my iPhone and driving my fairly efficient car, or travelling in comfort on modern trains. I have a library of information at my fingertips courtesy of my iPad. I can make music on the loo, or up a mountain.

Science may even solve the problems it creates, such as pollution. It doesn’t have to be exact to perform miracles and it doesn’t have to be accurate or true. If science was exact, my iPad battery would last forever and I wouldn’t be able to scratch my phone’s screen with my keys, or dent my car.

Like religion before it SCIENCE IS NOT THE TRUTH!

Science may not be a doctrine in and of itself, but the way Richard Dawkins presents it, is as evidence for humanism being the truth. Dawkins is a clever man. He explains Darwinism and evolution brilliantly. But he is as up his own arse as any other evangelist when it comes to pointing human beings in a direction which may be useful to them.

Any doctrine that is useful, should question reality and expand the mental capacity and facility of its audience, not narrow it by handing out false belief.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,


Mark Ty-Wharton


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  1. Mark, that was a bald, unvarnished belief without any real argument or support argumentation to back it up. Saying that science makes constants of things which aren’t constant is hardly new or even particularly startling. If feel you’ve provided a gloss here and not the beef. LOve to here what you think about this in more detail.


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