The Meaning Of Life

You and I are a living interpretation of an art form which is called life.

Life asks the question “what does it mean?”

We answer it.

Whatever life is right here, right now IS the meaning of life.

Our life lived is the answer.

Life seeks to express itself. In turn, human beings interpret life and add meaning.

This works in much the same way as art critics (and sometimes artists) adding interpretation and meaning to art.

One choice for a human, is whether to be an artist or a critic.

A true artist will notice certain possibilities present themselves in any piece they are working on.

A sculptor for example will find natural fault lines in a piece of stone, a carver likewise in wood.

The natural artist or craftsman will follow the form presented by the medium (s)he works in, to turn it into something beautiful.


In life, a master at life will effortlessly notice when and where possibilities present themselves and follow this obvious path.

This is how the un-carved block of life unfolds.

It is of course entirely possible to scratch an existence outside this paradigm, or to spend one’s entire life in critique of other artists.

So decide.

Which path will you tread?

Work of art?


Or copy?

Your move…


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