Glastonbury Film Challenge 2014

If you are taking part in Glastonbury Film Challenge this year, you might find yourself needing some music…

Here is my offer:

Anyone making a film for Glastonbury Film Challenge has my permission to use any of my music in their film FREE OF CHARGE, provided they credit me.

You can hear something you like here: (everything except Garden Of Eden)

Then contact me using the form on the website and I will send you a download link.

There will also a be a USB stick with these and other songs on it in the edit suite.

I have other unreleased music, sound art, sound beds and would be happy to mentor anyone who wants to make their own music or needs help with sound recording.

There are also lots of really good freeware and public domain sound design tools which are fun to use.

While I will be busy making my own film, if you need help, please contact me.

Good luck!



Music by Mark Tinley, appears courtesy of