Why Are Planets Round?

I saw a lovely picture of the planet Chiron today, released by NASA. It is a minor planet in our solar system and orbits between Saturn and Uranus and for all intents and purposes it can be described as spherical.

It is what makes ALL planets spherical that puzzles me?

Think about pebbles on a beach, they rub together, the force of the sea massaging and manipulating them to create pebbles and sand from rocks.

The sand washes up on the shore in some places, while the pebbles worn through the eons, land on beaches in other places.

It is logical and fairly easy to understand.

When I was a kid, we put rocks in a washing machine and made gems. Similar process?


If we assume the planets are all smaller chunks of a big something which broke up. We can also assume the smaller chunks rubbed against one another for sometime, smoothing off the rough edges and making things more round.

So it stands to reason that somewhere in the Universe there has to be a load of sand?

All the edges are floating around somewhere right?

And this isn’t going to look like a meteor shower either? There should be shit loads of this stuff out there somewhere?

Now follow this logic.

Astronomers claim to have telescopes which are powerful enough to see the edges of the Universe?

If they can’t see any sand, then they may have spotted the edge of something? Or is the sand in a parallel universe.

Which is a stupid idea in itself? Because Universe implies “one everything” so how can things exist outside of it?


Our Universe?

But what are you and I?

If we are in this Universe and the Universe is “one everything” then it follows that we are the Universe.

And if there is another Universe out there which is not ours, then what is it?

Now, think about the folders and files on your hard disk.

You are a file called NAME and you are in a folder called HUMANS, which in turn is in a folder called LIFE.

If I point to the LIFE folder and ask “what is this?” then LIFE describes you.

And LIFE may be in a folder called UNIVERSES WITH LIFE? Along with some others?

But lets say all known (and unknown) Universes reside on a hard disk called ALL OF IT

Which means you can only ever point to the folder marked ALL OF IT from within?

This container cannot have an edge because it would define a boundary to something outside of itself.

And if I point to this, what then?

Who are you?

And more to the point, where is the sand?

See you on the other side of the looking glass,


Mark Ty-Wharton