Glastonbury Zombie Walk Guitar by Grace Tudor-Beach

zombie-guitarA big thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket to win the beautiful zombie guitar, originally donated by Sue Neath and hand painted by Grace Tudor-Beach.
The raffle was drawn by Deputy Mayor Emma George in the Avalon Constitutional Club after the zombie walk.
You raised a whopping £248.89
The first prize, the zombie guitar with a tuition book and some SONUS MAGUS picks, was won by the Tin Pot Pasty Co. who I am sure will have a lot of fun with it.
Second prize, was a Haynes Zombie Apocalypse Survival Manual and a musical goody bag, which went to Tim Hale.
Well done Tim!
Third prize, was a mixed bag of music toys in a DEAD HUNGRY lunchbox, which went to Tony.
Well done Tony.
Fourth prize, was a cream tea in a bag, which went to Rick at the Blue Note but Dave Beach might just have eaten it!!!
Oops ;/)
So well done everyone and thank you again for taking part.
by order of
Sonus Magus