Stuck for a last minute gift?

I was talking to someone about Eastern music in the shop today and I talked about the great honour of being the recording engineer on this album –

My friend Warren was the guitarist for Duran Duran at the time. We had a studio in his house in Battersea.

Ustad Sultan Khan turned up with lots of people in white robes. Someone prepared the space for him. We joked that the guy was his “cushion roadie” but his entourage treated him more like a deity.

He was a funny little Indian man to speak to, but when he played I understood why they felt he was so special. He had extraordinary presence when he sang. His Sirangi playing was deeply emotive and kindled a distant memory. Everything within 100 feet of him melted into silent reverie.

I swear to God, even the birds (which usually plagued our recordings) stopped singing to listen.

If you want to truly connect to the essence of what we celebrate about life at this time, then I highly recommend buying this album.
If you love someone, then buy it as a gift.
Anurajyati (be in love)
by order of the sonus magus