You May Just Walk Alone…

Thanks for pointing out you can get *** ******** cheaper online!

It fills my heart with abundance and joy every time I hear about it.

I learned something incredibly valuable when I opened the shop.

There is a real community spirit in Glastonbury, of people who don’t feel the way you do.

Perhaps one day you will become a part of it?

Many Glastonbury musicians are willing to support small unprofitable enterprises like mine to help them grow.

Most understand how the flow of energy stops with Scrooge at penny pinching.

“Glastonbury without a music shop” I hear the stagnant frivolous thrifty cry… “OH NO”

And in they all come to have a look.

“Wow I didn’t know you were here can you get me a…” then they try stuff out, listen to my expert advice and off they go…

I am sure they will scurry away and find some way to save a 20p here and a 50p there on this and that?

But the extraordinary amount of energy it takes to do that ;/)

Energy that could better be used to become the artist they pretend to be – or God forbid actually even play some music?

Anyway, God bless ’em because, they are surely lost…

Just in case you missed the point of the shop?

Why I knew where to find the product you wanted to buy?

Why I took the trouble to send you the information?

Why I double checked the prices against eBay UK prices to make sure I matched them?

Like Glastonbury Noticeboard, an exchange of community energy…

The music shop IS here for people who want convenience.

The music shop IS here for people who PLAY music.

The music shop IS here for people who VALUE community, community magic, community connection…

Without the presence you WILL of course end up walking alone.

On 8 Jan 2017, at 09:27 ********@********.*** wrote:

Hi Mark.

Thanks for the offer.

I can get some of them online cheaper than that and from a shop in my home town via a business account.

It is just for convenience that I’ve advertised on the noticeboard.

Best wishes,